England’s Best Camping Locations

From the sandy beaches of Dover and the Devon coast to the breathtaking scenery of the Lake District and the Peaks of the north, England is full of wonderful camping locations and sites to suit every type of camper.

Reasons for camping

There are a variety of reasons why people may want to go camping and a variety of styles of camping to suit. For some, enjoying the outdoors means having a home-away-from-home in an outdoor setting and many do so with their campers and caravans, watching television when they are not watching the local wildlife. For others, getting close to nature and enjoying physical activities such as hiking or cycling are important. Wilderness camping, in which campers really rough-it in the woods or camping at high altitude, frequently last over several days and involves some type of sport or activity, such as rock climbing or canoeing. Love of music can be a motivator for many campers, as the advent of festival camping illustrates.

The best locations for camping

Beautiful countryside and warm temperatures make Cornwall, the southernmost county in England, a great locale for camping sites. From the great fishing and sandy beaches of the Ruthern Valley, to the funfair and crazy golf near Trevornick Holiday Park, to relaxing on village garden furniture and enjoying the breathtaking views of Ayr Holiday Park, just minutes from St. Ives, Cornwall offers plenty of inexpensive, high-quality camping sites.

The mountainous Lake District is extremely popular as a holiday destination. Home to a huge variety of wildlife, including the red squirrel and the fell pony, which is unique to this region, the Lake District is an ideal camping spot for birdwatchers as well. Turner Hall Farm is a wonderful basic campsite located in the pleasantly undeveloped Duddon Valley.

Families and schoolchildren may find the Fisherground Campsite in Eskdale to be more ideal. The campsite is very much a paradise for children, with plenty of water activities, zip-lines and swinging ropes, along with a host of other adventurous courses and activities to keep children busy for days. Nearby access to the Miniature Steam Railway is an additional plus.

It’s no wonder that Derbyshire is a top camping location. The county has been a major holiday destination in England for many decades and, with more than 100 camping sites to choose from, there is a location to suit every family or group. One of the top camping sites, especially for families, is the Barn Farm. Featuring all the best indoor and outdoor facilities, it is also a great place to give birdwatching a go.

The dales of Yorkshire offer some of the best family caravan camping in the country. Beautiful countryside surrounding acres of high-quality facilities and permanent fields for football and other sports and games make camping sites of North Yorkshire, such as the Vale of Pickering Caravan Park, top spots to visit.

With views of the world-famous white cliffs of Dover, the Warren is a lovely little hideaway of a camping site located in Folkestone in the south-eastern county of Kent. Folkestone is well-situated, being the only beach resort located within an hour of London. For a mini-break weekend or a full-on camping excursion, Kent is a great county to explore.

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