Sensational Scuba Diving Spots For Beginners

The best thing about travelling is doing all the exotic things that you cannot do back home. From bungee jumping to water skiing, the list of activities is endless. But, scuba diving is by far the most exotic. Unless you live near a scuba diving hotspot, this is truly an activity that you cannot do while you are at home. Everyone has to start out somewhere, and you want to make sure that you start out in a novice-friendly spot. If you don’t, it could put you off diving for life.

The British Virgin Islands

The great thing about the BVI is that the water is pretty shallow. In fact, most instructors in the BVI say that it is hard to find a spot deeper than 80 meters. That is a big benefit from your point of view because it makes getting used to diving easier. Plus, the islands are sheltered by the vast amount of coral that sweeps along the coast. As a result, the water is perfect for learners because it is not too strong or too dangerous. And, to cap it all off, there are plenty of sights under the waves. Perfect!

Thailand is more demanding as the water is a lot stronger. The currents from the Indian Ocean and the surrounding seas cause tides that are very powerful. However, they are not impossible to dive in, so it shouldn’t put you off too much. Better yet, the diving in Thailand is cheap. In fact, you get a lot of bang for your baht in Thailand thanks to the competition. If money is an issue, the jewel of Southeast Asia is the best place to start.

East Coast Of America

The east coast is not a place you would associate with scuba diving, yet there are opportunities everywhere. One of the best places for beginners is New Jersey. New Jersey is great because there are plenty of wrecks and sites to explore. Okay, the water may be cold, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing some of the best underwater attractions in the world. While you are there, you can also complete a full course. A Scuba Diving Certification NJ, or a PADI, is the best way to go from a novice to an expert.

Heron Island, Australia

The main reason people go scuba diving is to see the wildlife, and you are probably the same. The thought of catching a glimpse of a turtle or a shoal of fish is mind-blowing, which is why Heron Island is perfect. The amount of wildlife that passes through the area is nothing short of spectacular and perfect for the one-timers that won’t scuba again. Who knows – you may even see a shark or a whale passing through the Great Barrier Reef!


If you like postcards, you may know that the water in the Bahamas is crystal blue and doesn’t move. Of course, that is brilliant for scuba diving. But, there is something else that makes it brilliant: the romance. For all those nomadic couples out there, Bahamas is the place to dive together.

Hopefully, this will help you fulfill your dream of scuba diving.

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