Here’s Why You Never Knew You Need To See Canada For Yourself

When it comes to North America, the United States tends to steal all of the interest. As a holiday destination, regarding geopolitics, its cultural impact – it’s all about the USA. For some, Canada and the US are even interchangeable.

It’s about time Canada got some recognition of its own. It’s hugely overlooked as a tourist destination, which means we’re missing out on what this huge country has to offer. By the time you get to the end of this, you’ll be ready to grab your passport and book yourself the holiday of a lifetime. Check out first, though, to make sure you can get in.

1. Canada Is One of the Biggest Countries In The World…

… but has one of the smallest population densities. There are only 8.8 people (sounds uncomfortable for the .8 doesn’t it?) per square mile in Canada. Compare that the densest country in the world, China, with 48,003 people per square mile. If you like the wilderness and sparse, open spaces, then Canada has got you covered. Imagine a road trip across that kind of magnificent desolation!

2. It Has A National Park Bigger Than Actual Countries

Wood-Buffalo-NP Pine Lake 98-07-03

By Ansgar Walk (photo taken by Ansgar Walk) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Most of us probably think of Canada and thoughts of the open, natural spaces swiftly follow. That, and the concept of biting cold. There’s good reason for us thinking of Canada as a glorious natural reserve. Its biggest national park, Wood Buffalo National Park, is larger than entire countries. At 44,802 square kilometers, it’s bigger than the likes of the Netherlands and Switzerland.

3. Canada Is Not Always Cold! (But When It Is, It’s Really Cold…)

Snow and ice; that’s what Canada is. They love their ice hockey; we assume because nothing else can be played there. Everything is ice. This is a country with an Arctic border: it’s cold.

While it’s never going to get to the balmy high heats of other places on the planet, Canada is not freezing year round. July in Toronto is a pleasant 22C on average. The winters can be savage, however, with a mean January temperature of -3C.

There is still respite in the coastal region of Vancouver, which has a noticeably different climate to the rest of the country. Winters here stay above freezing on general, with around 4C an average.

4. It’s The Perfect Place To Indulge A Sweet Tooth

Syrup grades large

By Dvortygirl (Own work) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

You might think that you have had maple syrup. You buy it at the grocery store, comes in plastic bottles – you know your maple syrup. But you’ve not tasted it properly until you have sampled it directly from Canada. The maple tree is so important to this country, they went and put its leaf on their flag.

Canada produces 80% of the world’s maple syrup. This is predominantly in Quebec, which produces in turn 91% of Canada’s maple syrup. There are maple syrup tours and you can sample it fresh from a tree if you holiday in this region. No, really, check it out:

5. It Has Some Unique Tourist Attractions

Toronto is a city unlike any other, mostly thanks to its network of underground pathways. There are 1,200 PATH routes in total, meaning the city itself is nowhere near as busy on the surface as other cosmopolitan cities. If you like a more relaxed pace with a touch of nature, look no further than Canada.

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