Five Opportunities for Volunteering in Southeast Asia

Many travelers head to Southeast Asia for the incredible beaches, friendly locals and endless magnificent sites to see. However, if you’re looking for something a little different and a type of “holiday” that will not only provide a great experience for yourself but will also help others and communities as well, then Southeast Asia is the place to be! From NGO’s and charities working with children to helping out dog shelters, the volunteer ideas and opportunities are nearly endless. Here are five different ideas to get you thinking about how you can give back in each one of the Southeast Asian countries…

1. Orphanages

There are numerous orphanages spread throughout this part of the world and all full of children who need love and attention just as much, if not more than the children you know and love back home. You can find organizations ready and willing to receive a helping hand in every Southeast Asian country. Volunteering in orphanages truly opens your eyes to how different life can be for children left with no parents or no love to surround them.

2. Schools

Whether you have taught English or not, many schools and educational programs in Southeast Asia are constantly needing volunteers to help them out. You may just be doing crafts or reading to them, but whatever it is that you can assist with is always appreciated and almost always a very fun and exciting experience.

3. Organic Farms

Several organizations are now set up to help connect volunteers with organic farms that are in need of help all over the world, including Southeast Asia. If you’re looking to get your hands dirty and learn about agriculture and the ways of the land, then this is would be it!

4. Animal Shelters

If you have ever been anywhere in Southeast Asia then you know the amount of stray dogs that wander the streets daily. Many times these dogs are abused and left with no home, which is why many animal shelters have opened up and provide them with just that; a safe place with the proper vaccinations, food and the attention that they all deserve.

5. Community Projects

If you’re looking to make a lasting difference even during a short stay in Southeast Asia, then volunteering to help create, enhance or build-up communities may just be the perfect idea for you. These have a wide range of different projects and goals and there are plenty of organizations that are always looking for community helpers to provide their knowledge and skills to help communities thrive and grow in positive ways.

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