Thailand Travel Tips and Tricks

Millions of people travel to Thailand each year to enjoy the serene, crystal blue beaches, the intricate architecture of the temples and the bustling urban areas; not to mention, the friendly locals. There is never a dull moment when visiting Thailand. Travelers can enjoy the natural beauty by day and the urban night life by night.

When traveling to any new country, there is always research that the smart traveler should do before going on their excursion. Beyond doing research, getting advice from those that have traveled to the country can be helpful too. The following are some tips and tricks for traveling to Thailand that can make the trip much more pleasurable:

The Must-Haves for the Suitcase

  • Bring plenty of insect repellent. There are mosquitoes and to best protect against anything, such as Zika virus or dengue fever, bug spray should be worn when outdoors.


  • The days can be sunny and hot, especially during the summer months. Bringing a good sunscreen to wear during the day is advised.


  • Bring several forms of identification, if possible. Thailand’s law requires travelers to always carry some form of identification.


  • Bring a combination lock or padlock. Travelers should lock up their passport, medications and other valuables when they are away from their room.


  • Of course, don’t forget a few bathing suits and a beach towel.

Things To Do Before the Trip

  • Make sure that immunizations are current. Beyond regular vaccines, a traveler might want to be vaccinated against typhoid and hepatitis A.


  • Purchase a cross body purse or bag or something that is securely attached to the body. This helps to avoid being an easy target for theft.


  • Download an app or purchase a translation book and learn some of the simple and common phrases used in Thailand.

Definite No-Nos in Thailand

  • Many people relate Thailand with Buddha, and what better souvenir than a statue of Buddha to take home in your suitcase? Wrong! Buddha pictures and statues are sacred in Thailand and taking one home is forbidden without a license or permit. That’s right, an export license or permit is needed to take a photo or statue out of the country.


  • Don’t plan on doing any gambling in the country as it is absolutely prohibited. This includes playing cards, so do not carry a deck of cards out in public.


  • It is illegal to drink alcohol in public parks, places of worship or other public office and buildings.


  • Be aware of scams. Do not take a non-metered taxis and take pictures or video of any equipment you rent, such as a bike or jet ski.


  • Monkeys are all over the streets of Thailand, and as cute as they are, do not feed them. This can cause monkeys to get aggressive with humans.

Transportation Planning

Thailand is one of the most dangerous places to drive a vehicle or motorcycle. The country is ranked among the places with the most traffic fatalities in the world. When traveling to the country, you should disregard the idea of riding a motorcycle and take other forms of transportation. Some suggestions are metered taxis, bicycle and using Uber in bigger cities.

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