Three of the best surf destinations, you need to visit!

What was once a stereotypical Australian pass-time reserved for blonde haired teenage boys has evolved into a universal phenomenon, loved by all people of all ages! Surfing has become accessible all over the world, which means you can explore some of the most picturesque coast lines on the planet. Whether you’re a surf pro, or a complete novice, you’ll want to grab your boards, zip up your Xcel Wetsuits and duck dive into these three iconic surf destinations!


Portugal is the perfect location for British surf enthusiasts. Not only is it cheap and easy to get to from the UK, it boasts some of the best waves in Europe, with over 1,000 miles of coast line to explore! The surf is best in the Spring time, offering waves for surf pro’s and beginners. There are tonnes of coastal towns worth visiting, in Northern Portugal, Cortegaca is a paradise featuring sandy beaches and restaurants serving authentic, fresh Portuguese food. In the South, Porto is a good choice for beginners, with locals offering surf lessons on the beach front for peanuts!


Renowned for is surf community, there’s certainly no shortage of beaches in the land down under. The Australian coast is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and so the weather is sunny and the waters are warm year-round, making it idyllic for surf.  Home to the Rip Curl Pro surfing and music festival, Bells Beach is one of the most popular surf destinations in the world, if you’re a keen surfer, it should be number one on your bucket list! Another famous location is Manly Beach, situated in Northern Sydney. It’s likely to be busy, so better suited to the experienced, but the surf is good year-round and the consistent mid-sized waves make it one of the best places to visit. The list of destinations for surf is endless, from the quirky Byron Bay, to the atmospheric Bondi Beach – you can’t go too far wrong when it comes to catching waves with the Aussies!


For young surfers, Bali is a real up and coming hotspot. Kuta pairs the convenience of low-cost hostels with lively nightlife and not to mention, great beaches! Backpackers flock to Bali and the surrounding islands year-round to experience the relaxed lifestyle and tropical climate. It’s an ideal location for beginners, as there are a tonne of surf schools offering low price tuition to thrill seeking tourists. For the experienced surfers amongst us, the island of Macaronis is a must see! Known as the surfer’s playground, due to the unpredictable waves, this crystal-clear water will constantly keep you guessing!

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