Triple Threat: Surviving In The Wild Means Using Your Brains

Survival experts call this simple but efficient plan ‘the rule of three’ because it deals with the basic goal of survival i.e. staying alive. Sadly, if you aren’t careful or have failed to bring the proper supplies exposure to rough weather can kill you in three hours, lack of water in three days and lack of nourishing, filling food in three weeks.

Beat Bad Weather

You never know when a thunderstorm, flash flood or even a hailstorm can spring up out of nowhere and cause you serious problems. It’s always a good idea to carry your own, don’t rely on anyone else, sleeping bag, pop up tent and blankets although if base camp is elsewhere the chances are you may not have these. While travelling abroad it’s easy to lose your gear, party members, or even passport, it can and does happen. Firstly, you need to scope out some sort of shelter, it could be an overhanging rock, a cave or even some branches you pull together to create a makeshift hideout. If it’s raining your best bet is to look for something solid, even what seems like the smallest cover will provide respite from the wind. Using matches, or a lighter to build a fire, firstly for warmth, and secondly to ward of any wild animals. If your clothes are wet you need to get dry ASAP to stop any chances of catching an energy sapping cold.

Stay Hydrated At All Costs

Each member of your party needs to be carrying at least two full water bottles, one to drink from and the other as a backup. While you may not like being wet, a rainstorm will however provide you with much-needed liquid so if it looks like storm clouds are rolling in get a rain collector ready. Rainwater may taste a little strange but on the whole it’s perfectly ok to drink. Try to conserve as much water as you can, take only small sips and don’t waste drinking water on washing your clothes. A great survival tip is to carry a small pack of water purification tablets, you can also learn more about survival gear online but basically these will make stream, river or even lagoon water drinkable by killing any harmful bacteria present, making it safe to drink, wash and cook with. Each one takes around 20 minutes to fully dissolve and works out at one tablet per 1 litre of water.

Foraging Could Save Your Life

Sadly, there’s no such thing as a McDonald’s, Burger King or even a supermarket so you may end up having to catch, kill and cook your own food. Any energy boosting snack bars, or tinned food you’re carrying with you will only last so long so don’t wait until you’re out of food and low on energy to start foraging. Firstly, you need to be aware of what’s safe to eat and what isn’t. Learning about a couple of edible wild plants, insects and roots now could save you from starvation one day. There are also simple, proven ways to catch fish and easy, relatively foolproof ways to trap small, or larger animals.

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