Why Wales Is A Winning Destination

It’s not a part of the UK that gets as much love as it should. But it definitely should get some love. Wales is easily one of the most beautiful and best-preserved parts of Great Britain. Not just in terms of some astounding environments but in terms of a storied and impressive legacy amongst the other kingdoms of the islands. The next time you’re looking for some immense sights to see and nature to experience, head Wales-wards.

Award-winning beaches

When you think of the hills and mountains of Wales, your first thought might not be a surfing mecca. But to a lot of the people of the UK, that’s exactly what you can find in the Gower peninsula. It’s the UK’s first designated area of outstanding beauty and it lives up to the name. There are plenty of places to stay in Gower that put you right on the coast, ready to grab your board and experience Llangennith in all its beauty. There’s a diversity of different surfs and different reefs and beaches to make some memorable sights. There are plenty of easier waves for the first-timers trying to tame the sea, as well.

World-class hikes

If you prefer sticking a bit closer to dry land, there are few places you can get further from the sea than at the top of a mountain. Wales is infamous for its mountains that have not only served as a place of unconquerable natural beauty but have helped them retain a unique aspect of their own culture throughout the ages. Nothing represents Welsh pride and beauty quite as much as Snowdonia, either. It’s always been in the spotlight, going as far as to be a primary location for the upcoming King Arthur movie. There’s plenty of historical tours to enjoy there now, including secluded spots like Aberglaslyn Pass where the spirit of a woman dressed in white has supposedly been spotted multiple times.

A wealth of Welsh history

Speaking of King Arthur brings up a prominent spot. As much as a representation of English chivalry as he was supposed to be, the origins of King Arthur are firmly rooted in the Welsh tradition. You can even visit the fabled ‘Camelot’. Though Tintagel Castle on Tintagel island, as it is really called, has faded away over the years, it can be awe-inspiring to stand where the real-life King Arthur might have stood, on his own wards. If you want the sight of a much more accomplished, standing castle, then you can’t miss the world-famous Caernarfon Castle, either. Literally, you can’t miss it if you’re travelling through Gwynedd where it dominates the whole coast.

There’s something for all kinds of backpackers at Wales. If you’re looking for your next thrill, then you will happen upon perhaps the greatest surfing hotspot in the UK. If you’re a history buff, then the castles and legends of the Welsh should inspire reverence in you. If you love natural beauty, then Snowdonia should be the first and last word. What are you waiting for? Cymru am byth!

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